ECOOP 2007 – second day

Whoa, this have been some weeks. Sorry about the delay, but my workload was a bit over the top. 🙂

In addition to my last post, I also attended a rather interesting talk given by Mandana Vaziri of IBM Research. About the possibility to declare a notion of object identity beyond the error prone equals/hashCode approach. She has given an insight in the long term goal of querying the heap in the way of a relational database. My mind kept wandering after the talk. It seems like quite a change to the common OO model, but at the same time quite interesting. Much of the current efforts of keeping data objects in data structures would be rendered unneccesary…

On the second day, the Dahl-Nygard Prizes were awarded to Jonathan Aldrich and Luca Cardelli. Cardelli had his talk afterwards about his whole personal history from Simula to C# (He is now at Microsoft Research.).

In the afternoon, I skipped the session on Language Design in favour of a demo session. The first demo was Gael Fraiteur’s demo of PostSharp, a static aspect weaver for .NET. It actually has loads of interesting features and I surely will blog some of my experience with it here. On a side note, it takes quite some guts to travel to a scientific conference such as the ECOOP and talk about the real life features for real life developers the project features, leaving out all to scientific terms not to annoy potential developers. (Especially with Michael Haupt in the audience, grinding his teeth over more than just the overtime Gael took, I think.)

The second demo featured Tours and Traps, a student project from the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, presented by Peter Osburg and Michael Perscheid. It is a system for the planning of tours for a context aware mobile system, which also features traffic information. They implemented it in Smalltalk with Seaside. Each team member was new to Smalltalk, but they managed to deliver working software in a six month time frame without considerable overtime. In the discussion after the talk, we took some time to talk about the role of motivation as a key to project success. Quite inspiring.

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  1. I did not know I had to fear someone in the audience :-).
    It was just a training for AOSD 2008. Got to be there!! (and what’s more it’s in my ‘genuine’ country)

  2. Hi,

    i just googled for our Tours and Traps project and i find this blog. Thanks for acknowledge our demo but you got one mistake, my name is not martin 🙂 Please can you change it to Michael Perscheid 🙂 Thanks a lot.


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