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I’m a certified ScrumMaster now!

It’s been awfully quiet here… I know.

I had some busy month since the start of the year. A lot of tasks needed my full attention and things like blogging received a sudden low priority. But thing are changing for the better and this leaves me more time to talk about the things I do.

The main reason: My team was introducing Scrum at the start of the year and I was one of the driving forces behind that effort. And actually we’re getting good results…

Although it took a lot of work getting it started and establishing the proper rhythm and cycle, we see the benefits in the form of a better and more comfortable communication every day. We actually have a lot of fun. 🙂

Last week, a colleague and I went to a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course in Karlsruhe held by Joseph Pelrine organised by andrena objects. (And yes, we’re both certified ScrumMasters now.) We were quite impressed by the course and the way Joseph taught us all the little traps and pitfalls other teams went through in the past. It was very interesting to compare our approach to the way other people implement Scrum in their development process.

A lot of work is ahead of us, but we definitely caught a spark there to keep on working on our process.